U.S. Experts

cboyd Ceilyn BOYD

  • Research Data Program Manager at the Harvard Library and doctoral student at the Simmons University School of Library and Information Science.
  • Organizer of the 2017 Harvard Library Computational Archival Science Unconference. Research interests: Collections as data, critical data studies, data assemblages, ontologies, and data visualization.
mburton Matt BURTON

  • Lecturer at the School of Computing and Information at the U. Pittsburgh.
  • Co-author of the “Shifting to Data Savvy: The Future of Data Science in Libraries” IMLS project report (see:
jfarrell Jessica FARRELL

  • Project Manager for IMLS-funded BitCuratorEdu and Community Coordinator for the seed-funded Software Preservation Network at Educopia Institute; former Curator of Digital Collections at Harvard Law School Library.
  • Chair of SAA Electronic Records Section and co-lead for Digital Library Federation Born-Digital Access Working Group. Community cultivator with deep practical experience processing born-digital cultural heritage collections; interested in fostering communities of practice around computational processing and appraisal of archival records and collections.
tpadilla Thomas PADILLA

  • Practitioner Researcher in Residence at OCLC Research and Visiting Digital Research Services Librarian at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. Principal Investigator of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation supported Collections as Data: Part to Whole and the Institute of Museum and Library Services supported, Always Already Computational: Collections as Data.
  • Librarian and archivist ability to critically engage social and technical forces that mediate data collection, description, analysis, and use – within but most especially outside of cultural heritage collections – constitutes a social imperative. In order to best serve our communities, curriculum and experiences must evolve in a manner that integrates needed competencies across all aspects of education and training.

International Experts

mhedges Mark HEDGES

  • Senior Lecturer and research lead in the Dept of Digital Humanities at King’s College London, UK. Teaches on MA programme in Digital Asset and Media Management.
  • PI on UK-US network IRCN-CAS on computational archival science. Research with digital archives, research infrastructures, and digital methods in the humanities and cultural domains.
vlemieux Vicki LEMIEUX

  • Associate Professor in Archival Science at UBC, Canada, and lead of the Blockchain research cluster, Blockchain@UBC.
  • 2015 Emmett Leahy Award winner for outstanding contributions to the field of records management. Current research focuses on risk to the availability of trustworthy records, in particular in blockchain record keeping systems.
kgolub Koraljka GOLUB

  • Koraljka Golub is the head of the iSchool at Linnaeus University, iInstitute. She is also co-leading a Digital Humanities Initiative at Linnaeus University within which she is coordinating the development of a Master degree in Digital Humanities.
  • Her core research is in the field of digital libraries and information retrieval, with a particular focus on topics related to knowledge organization, integrating existing knowledge organization systems with social tagging and/or automated subject indexing, and evaluating resulting end-user information retrieval.
sranade-1 Sonia RANADE

  • Head of Digital Archiving, The National Archives (TNA), UK.
  • Research priorities include: contextualizing archives, modeling, and linking archival data. In particular, applying probabilistic techniques that encompass the uncertainty that is typical of historical records. Application of Bayesian statistics to modeling Digital preservation risk.
ytomiura Yoichi TOMIURA

  • Professor at Kyushu U. Japan — Deputy Director General of U. Libraries.
  • Established in 2011 the Dept. of Library Science, integrating Library and Information Science, Archival Science, and Information Science, which is the 3rd department in Japan as a graduate school department on Library and Information Science or Archival Science. Researching the development of large-scale information infrastructure to support the automation and analysis of paper-based historical materials.

D.C. Area Cultural Data & Computational Experts

jbaron Jason R. BARON

  • Of Counsel @ Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP, and formerly first appointed Director of Litigation at NARA, and trial lawyer and senior counsel at the Department of Justice.
  • Jason’s interests include e-discovery, including the use of technology-assisted review. Appointed by the Archivist of the United States to serve as a Representative Member of the 2018-2020 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Advisory Committee.
rcox Ryan COX

  • Research Archivist, Maryland State Archives.
  • Ryan has worked on the Legacy of Slavery Project for the last 8 years. He specializes in historical methodology, education, and public outreach.
rdikow Rebecca DIKOW

  • Research Data Scientist in the Data Science Lab, Office of the CIO, Smithsonian Institution.
  • Dr. Dikow conducts data-intensive research on digitized museum collections. Her work uses computer vision and other types of machine learning to learn more about SI collections as well as genomics tools to study biodiversity.
rferrato Ricc FERRANTE

  • Director of Digital Services and IT Archivist at the Smithsonian Institution Archives.
  • Repurposing Crowdsourcing Projects As Computational Data.
mferriter Meghan FERRITER

  • Senior Innovation Specialist with the National Digital Initiatives, Library of Congress.
  • Dr. Ferriter researches the communication of cultural beliefs through media technologies and in media discourse and is interested in the transformative power and consequences of computer-mediated communication.
mgreen Marianne GREEN

  • Adjunct at Saint Joseph’s College of Maine, Online. Education Writer for Today’s Catholic Teacher Magazine, focusing in edtech integration and teaching strategies; 2017 National Great Ideas Winner and 2016 Golden Apple recipient.
  • Smithsonian Digital Archives volunteer interested in strategies connecting educators to archival materials.
mhaleygoldman Michael HALEY GOLDMAN

  • Director of Future Projects, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.
  • Directs technology projects and focuses on educational uses of technology in museums.
bhorton Bob HORTON

  • Assistant Director of Collections and Archives at the National Museum of American History (NMAH), Smithsonian Institution, and former Deputy Director for library services at the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS).
  • Directed a National Digital Information and Infrastructure Preservation Program initiative, working with legislative digital content and its preservation and the immigrant oral history online project, funded by the IMLS.
mlevy Michael LEVY

  • Director of Digital Assets Management and Preservation, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.
  • Michael serves as Director of the Digital Collections Division in the Office of Collections. He led the development of an integrated cross-catalog collections search interface based on the Blacklight system; systems for inventorying digital collections now numbering about 19 million tracked assets; and the development of workflows for processing digitized collections.

  • Senior Architect, Office of Research Computing, Office of the CIO,  Smithsonian Institution. Formerly Senior Developer for UVa Library, and part of the Scholars’ Lab R&D.
  • Interests in scalable cyberinfrastructure and distributed archival repositories.

iConference Experts

iConference International

lfreund Luanne FREUND

  • Associate Professor and Director of the UBC iSchool in Vancouver, Canada.
  • Research areas: Interactive Information Retrieval; E-government and Open Data; LIS Education
  • The iSchool offers graduate degrees in Library and Information Studies (MLIS) and Archival Studies (MAS). There is interest in strengthening the computational and technology-based components of these programs.
bgala Bhakti GALA

  • Professor & Coordinator, School of Library and Information Science, Central University of Gujarat, India
  • As coordinator of a recently launched School of Library and Information Science at the Central University of Gujarat in India, she is interested in understanding and learning the curriculum design for a computational program.
eishita Emi ISHITA

  • Faculty, Kyushu University, Japan
  • Dr. Ishita’s research interests are in education programs in computational archival science. In particular, she has conducted work in automating the detection of human values in newspaper articles and more recently in proposing three-stage automation of detecting and classifying human values.
dlucioarias Diana LUCIO-ARIAS

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Information Science, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Colombia
  • Dr. Lucio-Arias is currently a member of the advisory board of the PhD Program on Communication, Language and Information, where the introduction of computational methods for research is one of the priorities. She has experience in scientometric and bibliometric studies and in the visualization of networked information.
mmilrad Marcelo MILRAD

  • Professor, Department of Computer Science and Media Technology, Linnaeus University, Sweden.
  • Current research interests include the design of learning environments to support collaborative learning.

iConference U.S.

jbossaller Jenny BOSSALLER

  • Associate Professor and Library Information Science Program Chair, School of Information Science & Learning Technology, University of Missouri
  • Primarily for curriculum development
tgiannini Tula GIANNINI

  • Professor and former Dean of the Pratt School of Information (2004-2017). Teaches in the MS Museums + Digital Culture program, which she introduced in 2015 and the MSLIS in the area of museum libraries and archives. Research focuses on digital culture, digital arts and humanities, and digital research. Upcoming book on Museums and Digital Culture: New Perspectives and Research. At EVA London, July 2019, Chairing a Symposium session and presenting on Digital Art, Culture & Heritage: New Constructs and Consciousness focusing on computational culture
  • She is interested in new approaches to building a curriculum around computational culture for graduate education for libraries and archives.
agilliland Anne GILLILAND

  • Professor, Information Studies / Director, Center for Information as Evidence / Associate Dean for Information Studies, UCLA.
  • Professor Gilliland directs the global Archival Education and Research Initiative (AERI), is the principal investigator of the Refugee Rights in Records Project, a collaboration with Liverpool University Centre for Archive Studies, and is pioneering Human Security Informatics, a human-centered approach to tackling information and recordkeeping issues integral to societal grand challenges.
doard Douglas OARD

  • UMD iSchool Professor and Associate Dean for Faculty and UMIACS Computational Linguistics and Information Processing Lab
  • Information retrieval, Archival access. Currently working on design and evaluation of a search engine that balances access imperatives with protection imperatives (e.g., personal privacy or FOIA exemptions).
psmith Plato SMITH

  • Data Management Librarian, University of Florida
  • Dr. Smith’s specializes in the study of data management and curation and its interdisciplinary synergistic implications across multiple communities of practice. His current research focuses on sharing faculty research data and exploring the data management and curation practices of researchers across disciplines.
hsoyka Heather SOYKA

  • Assistant Professor, Kent State University
  • Dr. Soyka is interested in exploring and strengthening the connections between computational methods and archival studies curriculum. She is excited about being part of an open community that is discussing and developing strategies for this purpose.
iwest Ivy WEST

  • Employed as archivist and library manager at multiple information management institutions (APL, Howard County Public Library, MCIW) and Masters Candidate at GWU in Cybersecurity Strategy and Information Management
  • Aspires to learn more on archival and library science trends, as well as how to help next generation becoming information leaders. Interest in STEM & Intelligence metadata and archives – class/unclass big data.
lxiao Lu XIAO

  • Dr. Lu Xiao is an associate professor at School of Information Studies, Syracuse University. Her research interests include to understand and support social media users’ reasoning behavior, to facilitate the analysis of large collections of interview data with computational techniques, and to foster informal learning of computer technologies in the local community.
  • Dr. Xiao is interested in the development of a computational thinking curriculum at iSchool.

International Visiting Researchers

smarciano Sarah MARCIANO

  • Faculty, Université Paris Diderot [ Paris 7 ]
  • Conducts German Immigration research and is investigating Digital Humanities methodologies.

UMD Students

cclamb Caitlin CHRISTIAN-LAMB

  • UMD iSchool Doctoral Student.
  • Archives-focused MLIS background with interest in teaching future iSchool archives students and exploring the computational archives framework and discussing curriculum development. Former digital archivist.
mlee Myeong LEE

  • UMD iSchool Doctoral Student.
  • He was a research assistant in DCIC and has been leading the Human Face of Big Data project to curate property acquisition documents as a web-based data platform. General interests in socio-technical systems theories and information accessibility.
wfrederick0 Billy FREDERICK

  • UMD iSchool MLIS Student, with a focus in Archival Science and Digital Curation.
  • A former member of UMD’s Legacy of Slavery cohort. Co-contributor on published IEEE Big Data 2018 Conference Workshop paper entitled ‘A Case Study in Creating Transparency in Using Cultural Big Data: The Legacy of Slavery Project’; detailing the processes and future scope of the research work completed by the Legacy of Slavery cohort in Spring, 2018.
ksostrach K. Sarah OSTRACH

  • UMD iSchool MLIS graduate student.
  • Strong interest in academic librarianship and digital literacy. Co-recipient of the 2019 UMD Data Challenge “Best Presentation” award for her team’s work on computational treatments of slavery data. Talented clarinet player.
abhatti Ali BHATTI

  • UMD Sophomore B.S. in Information Science and French with a minor in Statistics.
  • Interests in data visualization and using data techniques to provide representation for groups that are consistently marginalized or forgotten. Part of the Legacy of Slavery Research Cohort.
dmarciano Daniela MARCIANO

  • UMD Sophomore B.S. Candidate in Physiology & Neurobiology (College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences). Honors College, University Honors.
  • Interests in big archival data

CASES Student Team

“CASES” (Computational Archival Science Educational System) STUDENT TEAM:

Right to Left:

    • Phil PIETY (faculty lead)
    • Yadi EJIOGU(Info. Sci. Undergrad)
    • Riya CHANDUKA(Master of Information Management – MIM)
    • Mayanka JHA(MIM)
    • Karthik MURUGAPPAN(Info. Sci. Undergrad)
    • Greg JANSEN (faculty co-lead)
    • Sarah AGARRAT(Comp.Sci. Undergrad)
    • Parth BORICHA(MIM)
    • Aakanksha SINGH(MIM)