1. Create a CASES Hub (Computational Archival Science Educational System)
2. Development of Computationally Enhanced Lesson Plans
3. Development of Assessment Tools
4. Jupyter Notebook Training
5. Lesson Plans Used in Classes
6 .Collaborative Digital Curation of Library and Archival Collections

The Core Network (CN) will work with the Practitioner Network (PN) to develop digital projects that will lead to the development of a second set of Jupyter Notebooks around the theme of “Re-presenting America”. Those projects will address records from African American, Japanese American, and Puerto Rican content, from: (1) the Maryland State Archives Legacy of Slavery Project, (2) the Spelman College Department of Drama and Dance Photographs, (3) Densho’s WWII Japanese American Camps, and (4) the 2019 Puerto Rican Spring Project. The Practitioner Netowrk (PN) case study collections will be reviewed wrt to their potential for lending themselves to computational treatments. The resulting notebooks will be added to the corpus of educational resources through the CASES (Computational Archival Science Educational System) Infrastructure.

7. Lesson Plans from Practitioner Case Studies
8. Student, Faculty and Practitioner Assessment
9. Computational Thinking Workshop for Practitioners

This grant is funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) through a
Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program (LB21)
National Digital Infrastructures and Initiative (NDII) Project grant: RE-246334-OLS-20.