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What is CAS?

An initial working definition: A transdisciplinary field concerned with the application of computational methods and resources to large-scale records/archives processing, analysis, storage, long-term preservation, and access, with aim of improving efficiency, productivity and precision in support of appraisal, arrangement and description, preservation and access decisions, and engaging and undertaking research with archival material.

Initial CAS operational definition:
Contributing to the development of the theoretical foundations of a new transdiscipline of computer and archival science.


  1. Contribute to the development of the theoretical foundations of a new trans-discipline of computer and archival science
  2. Design the educational foundations and delivering training in this emerging trans-discipline to support all industries and fields
  3. Develop a virtual and physical laboratory to test and apply scientific advances in a collaborative environment

CAS Founding Partners

Richard Marciano, U. Maryland iSchool (USA)
Mark Hedges, King’s College London (UK)
Victoria Lemieux, U. British Columbia (CAN)
Maria Esteva, Texas Advanced Computing Center – TACC (USA)
Michael Kurtz, Former NARA & U. Maryland (USA)
Bill Underwood, U. Maryland (USA)
Greg Jansen, U. Maryland (USA)
Mark Conrad, Former NARA & U. Maryland (USA)