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  • Launch of the DRAS-TIC software initiative
    • DCIC/UMD negotiates re-assignment and ownership of the Alloy / Indigo industry software from Archive Analytics Solutions Ltd. (AAS) on Sep. 30, 2016 (with support from UMD Offices of IT Procurement, General Counsel, and Technology Commercialization). AAS transfers ownership to UMD (after roughly $2M in investments in Indigo).
    • DCIC launches the DRAS-TIC Open Source software initiative on Oct. 4, 2016. DRAS-TIC is digital repository software to manage content at scale.
    • CNI Video: https://vimeo.com/206243022
  • Digital Repository At Scale · That Invites Computation [To Improve Collections]
    DRAS·TIC /ˈdrastik/
    likely to have a strong or far-reaching effect; radical and extreme.
    extreme, serious, radical, far-reaching, impactful, momentous, substantial.
  • DRAS-TIC Demos: technology demos to Federal and State Agencies, & International audiences
    • DH2017 (Digital Humanities), Montreal Canada: Aug. 7, 2017
      • “Shaping Humanities Data: Use, Reuse, and Paths Toward Computationally Amenable Cultural Heritage Collections”, Invited demo: “DRAS-TIC & Reusable Computational Processing of Large-scale Digital Humanities Collections”
    • Smithsonian Institute, UMD: Jun. 26, 2017
      • Joint planning on using CAS with big collections
    • Maryland State Archives (MSA): Jun. 15, 2017
      • Joint planning on developing computational treatments for the Legacy of Slavery archives
    • National Archives & Records Administration (NARA): 2016 & 2017
      • DRAS-TIC Demos:
        • IT Engineering Team: May 2016 & Apr. 19, 2017
        • Office of Innovation: Jul. 20, 2017